Fecal bacteria linked to body fat


Researchers at King’s College London have found a new link between the diversity of bacteria in human poo — known as the human fecal microbiome — and levels of abdominal body fat. The research, published in Genome Biology, also provides further evidence of possible genetic influences on obesity, through heritable bacteria found in the fecal microbiome. Scientists found that participants ...

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Do you think this is rude? Train passenger shames stranger for ‘unacceptable’ behaviour


Do you think this is rude? Train passenger shames stranger for ‘unacceptable’ behaviour It’s pretty difficult to get comfortable when you’re on a train for a few hours. But there’s certain etiquette you stick to out of common sense and respect for other people’s personal space. One train passenger wasn’t best pleased when he returned to his seat from the ...

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Reporter slams rival backstage at the US presidential debate, snapping ‘Thanks a lot b*tch!’ when she stole her spot


Kimberly Halkett has become an online star after her mega-takedown of a fellow reporter she believed robbed her of a prime interview opportunity The heated debate for the presidency wasn’t just between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as these reporters filmed kicking off backstage from the main event show. Kimberly Halkett from Al Jazeera English was caught on camera telling ...

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Former Miss Universe Reveals More Ways Donald Trump Body-Shamed Her & Speaks Out As He Defends His Disgusting Comments!


Earlier this year, the former Miss Universe revealed that Donald Trump wouldconstantly body-shame her, calling her “Miss Piggy.” She also admitted he would make racist remarks about her Latina heritage, also referring to her as “Miss Housekeeping.” During Monday night’s debate, Hillary Clinton slammed the GOP candidate’s repulsive remarks towards the pageant star. That same night, Miz Machado took to ...

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This Facebook post about an Afghan refugee boy leaving his school in Pakistan is heart-breaking


Hate, anger and violence have diminished positive human attributes and this Facebook post tries to emphasise on these very attributes of love and affection. Amid all the civil violence and unrest that India and its neighbouring countries are seeing, there is one photo that has been breaking the hearts of people for a different reason. The picture of a young ...

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Is this cat with the most self control ever? Puss battles overwhelming temptation to steal food off table


Viewers marvelled at the cat’s will as she puts out a paw towards unguarded plate of fish but always manages to pull it away at last minute This cat’s battle with temptation after spotting a tasty treat on her owner’s table is winning the hearts of animal lovers. Homare-chan knows she’s not allowed to touch her owner’s fish dish but ...

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