This Facebook post about an Afghan refugee boy leaving his school in Pakistan is heart-breaking

Hate, anger and violence have diminished positive human attributes and this Facebook post tries to emphasise on these very attributes of love and affection.

Amid all the civil violence and unrest that India and its neighbouring countries are seeing, there is one photo that has been breaking the hearts of people for a different reason. The picture of a young Afghan refugee breaking down into tears after receiving his school-leaving certificate is doing the rounds on the Internet and has Netizens gripped with sadness.

Reportedly, the young refugee was born in a refugee camp in Peshawar, Pakistan, where his family has now been living for decades. Reportedly, a class XI student, the boy has probably spent almost his entire life studying at this school in Pakistan. Although in June, India’s not-so-favourite neighbour had extended the refugees’ right to stay till December 2016, harassment and restrictions of living conditions are forcing people to leave the country.

The boy went to school to receive his certificate to leave school so he could continue his studies in Afghanistan, and was in tears when he came to his class which was in all probability, his last time.

The post that went viral was by a page called Pakistan on Facebook.

Here’s the text of the post.

“Heartbroken: An Afghan Refugee student who was born in #Peshawar the capital of #Pakistan’s northwest province #KPK. His parents were living here as refugees for more than three decades.
Recently Pakistani officials gave deadline to #AfghanRefugees to leave the country by the 31 December 2016 which was later extended to 31st of march 2017. Afghan refugees start packing their bags and get prepared to leave Pakistan.
This boy went to his school and asked for the school leaving certificate to carry on his studies in Afghanistan. He was currently studying in class 9th so he spent nearly 10 years of his life in the same school. It’s very hard for him to leave. As he received the school leaving certificate he broke into tears. His teachers and other staff couldn’t control their tears either as they said goodbye to a student studying there for more than 10 years.
There are some Refugees who are living here for more than four decades. If these refugees moved to Afghanistan they will start a new life very hardly.
Wars and Refugee life destroyed their future, May Allah protect and help them. ameen”

The heart-breaking image of the boy holding his certificate and trying to wipe away his tears shows the innate humanity and love that mostly gets suppressed by the larger emotion of hate and anger that preside. The fact that it has touched a chord with people at large is proved by the number of times it has been liked and shared, as well as commented on.

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