Is this cat with the most self control ever? Puss battles overwhelming temptation to steal food off table

Viewers marvelled at the cat’s will as she puts out a paw towards unguarded plate of fish but always manages to pull it away at last minute

This cat’s battle with temptation after spotting a tasty treat on her owner’s table is winning the hearts of animal lovers.

Homare-chan knows she’s not allowed to touch her owner’s fish dish but she clearly finds the delicacy all too tempting.

She looks longingly at the meal and, almost against her will, stretches out a paw but manages to snatch it back right at the last moment.

But Homare cannot leave it alone. The next minute, she’s up on her hind legs apparently about to tuck in but quickly backs away again at her owner’s warning shout of: “Hey!”

Homare’s owner, who lives somewhere in Japan, filmed his pet’s ordeal on his smartphone and uploaded the footage to social media where it quickly went viral .

And users were clearly touched by the adorable cat’s internal battle between temptation and self-control.

“Her defeated little meow at the end is so cute! She’s like a spoilt child who got caught,” commented one user.

Another anonymous viewer added: “This is too cute! I want to give her a big cuddle for being so good!”

Other comments included: “Wow – this cat has such impressive self-control!”, and “You can see her fighting her inner desires by the way she moves her ears!”

It is not known whether Homare-chan’s owner rewarded her with her own little plate of fish for showing so much restraint.

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