Check this out for fast food after man forgets lunch but woman drops it through sunroof from high rise

The perfect shot is once-in-a-lifetime perfection but luckily the talented woman caught her amazing stunt on camera

This man was gutted to find he’d forgotten his lunch – but a skilled woman was on hand in his high-rise flat above, dropping it straight through his open sunroof window.

The incredible feat of perfect aim was captured on camera as the man was able to speed off for his day without the hassle of having to go back to the flat.

The footage, taken by the woman who may be his partner, starts as his car pulls up on the tarmac at least a few storeys below.

She laughs and waves what looks like a wrapped sandwich before throwing it towards his car.

Seemingly against the odds, it’s a pot-shot, making it straight into the open sunroof, and she giggles her approval, before waving a tender goodbye as he drives off.

The car seems a long way down when the woman looks out of her window

The sandwich before it’s let loose – but it was in safe hands as the amazing shot shows

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